Support for IWJ is coming from all over the world, and we are grateful to the many who have left thoughtful messages, encouraging our quest for justice for Annie Mae. All we ask of John Graham is that he tells the truth. A polygraph test would determine his position, and we are resolute in our call for him to honor the wishes, not just of women,
but of people world over.
Just the truth!

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Messages Of Support

I am a Canadian filmmaker who has had the privilege of helping to make several films on the struggle of First Nation's People to preserve their culture and have their voices heard. It was an important day when I heard last week that finally the killers of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash were being brought to justice. I was not aware that there are other guilty persons still walking free but I commend your struggle to try and bring these (this) person to justice also. In our world beset by violence and grief we need strong and courageous voices like yours that keep pushing for truth and justice. Thank you and best wishes.
Joseba (from the Basque Country):

Hi, You have started very well. Keep working hard, because the storm will come soon!! Long live the Indigenous Women for Justice!! Anna Maeren izpirituan (In the spirit of Anna Mae)


My name is cyrilla francis. I am a wabanaki woman from the passamaquoddy tribe in downeast maine. I fully support you and your cause. This is my motto - "if anyone has nothing to hide they hide nothing." With that, i agree that john boy graham should take a polygraph test!!!!!!!!!! You can use my name as one of your supporters. I will pass your email address on to my sisters (and brothers) who will support you as well.

Kathy Wakil:

One down and one to go , Then let's sit back and watch as heads roll! Not pulling the trigger does not make you innocent and that was proven by the verdict. It's just a shame that Janklow didn't get the justice he deserved for killing too! If he had been found guilty of Vehicular Homicide , like anyone else would have been, then I would applaud So. Dakota's Judicial system . As it stands it has held up for Annie Mae and the girls . Wopila Tunkasila --Thank God !

Abraham J. Durand:

Hi Sisters, Your impassioned message came to me because I am part Carib indian in the Commonwealth of Dominica, but moreso an ardent supporter of women's rights in a mostly chauvinistic world. I am an educator employed with my government. My heart goes out to your struggle, and hats off to your stand. All of the very best to you, and God's blessings.

Katrina, a white woman from London, UK:

My prayers are with you wholeheartedly. Please continue the struggle for the truth to be eventually told. For the sake of Anna Mae 's memory, her family and every human being who walks the talk. Best wishes

Lawrence Sampson, Delaware/Eastern Band Cherokee:

I wish to pass along my personal regards concerning the ongoing search for justice for Anna Mae. As a human being, I am saddened at the heinous actions taken against such a wonderful person. As a man, I am horrified that a beautiful woman was violated so terribly. As an Indian, I am insulted that one of the finest, most courageous examples of a modern day Indian leader was betrayed by those who should have been like family. As a longtime member of the American Indian Movement, and an American Indian advocate, I am infuriated at her undoing, by those who should have defended and protected her. She deserved better than this fate.

As a man, an AIM member, an Indian, and a human being, I know it falls to me to demand justice not only for Anna Mae and her family, but for all of us. We all have an open wound festering until this case is resolved. It is my deepest desire to see those who were responsible, including not just those who were there near Wanbli that terrible day, but also those cowards who ordered her murder, brought to justice. Perhaps they will never receive the punishment they deserve, which is the same fate they forced upon Ms. Aquash. They can, however be judged by their fellow men and women, so that the whole world will know the truth. This case has remained open for far too long, and those who know the truth have been silent or ignored for a time well beyond the bounds of acceptance.

I pray that a good faith effort is underway to resolve this case, and to bring closure to all who desire the truth. Maybe we will be able to look back one day and reflect upon a rare case of justice finally being served for Indian people. That is my hope.

Sonja Keohane :

For many years I have watched this tragedy play out - the search for the killers of Anna Mae. Seems to me that the pain that I have seen associated with this must happen, it is the nature of the effort. I am reminded of the pain associated with cleaning a wound that has been allowed to fester because no one has taken the time to remove the dead and rot and scrape out the dirt. In order for the body to survive, however, this painful cleansing must occur. It does not seem to me that one can do anything else but move forward with this and expose all of those who are covered in the guilt of Anna Mae's murder. For 28 years silence has protected the guilty. It has protected the liars and it has protected the cowards. It has, as a corollary, produced suspicion, distrust, more than likely indicted some who are innocent, torn apart families and ruined some lives in the process.

Those who know the truth of it all and did nothing, have now handed the opportunity of cleaning this wound to the US government. This is a regrettable situation, unfortunately brought about by cowardice.

I am not Native, so my opinion is of minor consequence. I will say that revenge is not the important thing in my mind. I would like the guilty uncovered because I would like the young to see that bad actions are not protected, not condoned and not the cloud under which one should live one's life.

I am glad that you speak out and I hope that your voices continue until the wound is clean and can begin to heal.

Pamela Wood:

It's time for the secrets and lies to come out so that our people can begin to heal. It is time for those who have something to hide to be exposed. Anna Mae is not the only one who died because of cowardly acts, but maybe her spirit will bring justice to all.

Anna Mae is one of the main reasons I am joining my brothers and sisters everywhere in the fight for justice. She has inspired me beyond words. I have heard it said that she promised to come with the rain ... I believe she does. In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse

Vera :

There is a critical injustice in process... as the murderers of Anna Mae Aquash come to justice... as women we are her only hope for justice and truth... even among Indian and others... women as women must hold her in her coldness .. the grave she did not seek.... oh Creator help us to take this sister to her peacefulness..... as a woman I beseech your humaness... know her and embrace her... and let us put her to peace.

Thank you for creating this site, as I'm just finding it; as I have gotten so much propaganda pushing native women's issues further from dialogue--especially concerning Anna Mae. In my opinion, there's no louder ecological alarm than the one calling for justice for indigenous women, and children.

Linda Johnston:

Just hearing about this from my friend, I am indeed compelled to support the IWJ and any organization that fights for the truth where we as American Indians and Indigenous women are concerned. Anna Mae deserves all the support she can get, because when it is all said and done, right is right and wrong is wrong. I pray that everyone will continue to seek guidance and send prayers for the truth and justice to come our way. I commend you on your efforts and am proud to have found your website. Will now place it on my favorites and will keep informed and in touch often. Thank you.

TaLi Towodi Willis :

For many years I have offered prayers for this woman. She is an inspiration to all of us as she lived her beliefs and died for them. That, to me, is the very definition of dedication, honesty and bravery. Considering the fact that John Boy enjoys instilling fear, it seems he has his own fears ...truth. He is afraid to take a polygraph because he knows what it will tell. To me, he is the opposite of everything Anna Mae represented. His is a coward.

My former brother-in-law's brother has lived on that rez all of his life so words I have heard are not from rumors. It has long been my belief that one involved with her death is paying the penalty...but for a reason unrelated to Anna Mae. Creator has ways of making things right.

For years I was an abused wife of an American Indian husband not of my own Nation. I could not stand up to him. Now, I am free. As a journalist, I offer my services to you. Whatever I can do to help our women grow stronger...I will do. Whatever I can do to help the truth emerge...I will do. I am no longer young but my words can be strong. Please call on me at any time.

It is time Anna Mae's story is told and time for those hiding the truth to be exposed. I urge everyone to look to Anna Mae for inspiration and to continue to pray for her. In the end, she will be the one to show us the answers.

Josephine Allen:

I wish to support your cause to find Justice for Ann Mae and to say I was moved by your strong commitment to find the killer. I too am of Indian blood and wish to say that we women should all stand side by side no matter the race to stop the violence done to women of all races. I will pray for your success and to unite all women to stand to help others who may be in situations such as violence in the home, work, or any other type of abuse. We women need to stand up for we are the mothers, sister, aunts, who are the ones who take care of children, parents, and our community. Please know that you can use my name and keep me up on what is going on in the case. Bless you all and stay strong.

Sjefke :

I'd like to give a word of support here from my far-away place. Eventhough I am not in America I am well aware of what has been going on for too long, and still is. Just like Leonard Peltier is taking the fall so did Anne Mae. I don't know all the details but have heard and read enough to know that the justice is still far, far away. The justice that will be exacted is white man's "justice", not real justice. I can't do much from here but then to give my words and prayers for Anna Mae and her relatives.

Yes, you may use my name and comments on the site. Please keep up the good work. There are people who support you from all over the world.


I am from Scotland, and know very little of the ways of your people. I am Pagan and believe in the Power of Three , which I am sure you know that means that you have to be prepared to get everything you do repaid to you 3 fold.

No matter, what Nationaltiy or walk of life you come from, you cannot expect to behave like this and not pay the price. I pray to my God and Goddess that you achieve your dream and Annie Mae recieves the justice she, her family and other such victims deserve

Kim :

Hello my name is Kimberly Combs, it says white girl on my birth cert. but I am mixed! We all know the story of how that goes! I did not grow up on a Reservation, I grew up in a Middle Class neighbor hood in Northern Kentucky. I am however Cherokee and Powhatton as well as French and German. But foremost I am a woman! I have served our Country as a MP in the Army and was raped by my commanding LT. I am against Violence Agents Women period. No matter what race or religion. I will pray for justice. For us all. I live now in South Florida 20 min from the precious little eleven year olds home. Carlie Bruccia. They just announced they have found her body in the back of a Church. So I guess this has fired me up then I read this posting to our group Native By Birth. 170 members of mixed blood. I can only speak for myself but I'm sure we all will stand with you and Anna's daughters. May they find comfort! Please keep me informed and I will be willing to help out in anyway I can! Thanks, and keep your plight going. Defeat in Not an Option!

Rachel E Hamilton:

I would like to lend my support to the fight in bringing justice for Anna Mae and her family. Although I am not Native Indian I have read Anna Mae's story and feel that after 25 years justice should be served on the men who murdered her. I know it is a complicated state of affairs with all the controversy and intimidation that has followed her death but in the end there must be justice for Anna Mae. Cut the lies and think of Anna Mae. If there is anything else I can do for you at this time, I would like to help.

Arthur Short Bull :

I fully support your beliefs and your mission. Over the past few years I have displayed images and poetry of Anna Mae. For fourteen years I worked with women, men and children. with thoughts of what Anna Mae had desired to do for the people, her dreams of creating places that celebrated us. The people. After the trials, after these events that are taking place I hope we begin to celebrate her belief in the people. Keep it up and I am willing to help in some way.

Kristin Grimson :

Hello Sisters, As a Nova Scotian woman, a strong supporter of indigenous people's rights and struggles for justice and equality, I hereby send my support to this organization. It has been too long for Anna Mae and her family to receive justice and justice must be served. My support be with you,

Nelda Swiere Orange, Tx.:

I, Nelda Swiere, am standing with all of you. The truth must come out. The murderers punished. Let me know if & when any letters need to be sent out. Justice should be served, its been way too long.

Shirley Childs :

I recently watched the new video by Cathy Martin THE SPIRIT OF ANNIE MAE. Living in New Brunswick and being part of the Aboriginal Rights Coalition Atlantic and on my own journey of learning of First Nations peoples, I had some awareness of her situation but the video was an eye-opener into the courage and commitment of Annie Mae for justice for her people and to the failure to find the perpetrators.

I am non-native and carry responsibility for all the injustice that my culture has put upon the Aboriginal peoples. I work hard to deal with my guilt and move beyond that to a place of solidarity with you. I commit myself to continue to educate myself and to stand up for justice wherever there is injustice. I am truly in awe of the strong, First Nations women I know and of the courage of all of you in taking this strong stand. I am working with some others in my United Church congregation (and beyond) to mark the launch of the Sisters in Spirit Campaign on March 22.

My prayers and support


I am a strong supporter of justice for all who suffer injustice. I believe in your cause.

Dan Moran:

I applaud your brave and noble stance! Please know that there are many who support your efforts in bringing to justice those responsible for Anna Mae's murder. I am a white male, a South Dakotan, who has a very strong passion for justice, and I am proud to stand with such courageous women in your pursuit of justice. For far too long a silence of intimidation has delayed the case for justice for this fine young mother. I am particularly pleased that native people have gathered on the side of truth and will not rest until those responsible are held completely accountable for this horrific offense. You have my permission to use my remarks in any manner. I would consider that an honor. Please continue your courageous work. May God bless you all.

Janet Chandler:

This is a despicable crime, whoever has commited it. Trying to lay blame elsewhere is cowardly. It angers me that those who know their own guilt are not taking responsibility for their vile actions. If they have any shred of human dignity they would ease Anna Mae's families suffering. I hope the evidence is strong and the jury committed to an honest outcome and the right people are made to pay for their deeds. If indeed Anna Mae suffered at the hands of her own people, I am not only angry but deeply saddened. My thoughts are with you all at this time

Renate Mueller:

I will forward Your informations to women in Germany. I hope that the truth will be revealed and there will be justice for Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash. May You get all the power You need for the next months! When there is any need of support via internet(or other ways?) from Germany, please let me know.

Daniel N. Paul:

You have my full support. What we need is a return to Native American values, sharing, freedom, and so on. We need to regain our pride in heritage, and reject such evils as thirst for political power, domination of others, greed, jealousy, and so on - which we have so readily adopted from European society. These have brought to our First Nations nothing but pain and heartache.


I am English and a mother of two beautiful girls (I am biased of course) my one fear is of leaving them before they are old enough to look out for themselves as do all mothers, I guess, especially those who are terminally ill, they must feel a special kind of heartache. When I first heard of Anna Mae, however, my heart went out to her, what must have been going through her mind how her heart must have ached to know she was leaving her babies motherless?

How she must have prayed to the 'Creator' to watch over them in her place. I wept for her and for the countless women all over this world of ours who are brutalised and murdered and whose killers never reach justice. As I followed the story and heard that two men had been arrested for this crime I rejoiced, at last I thought, her spirit may finally find rest. Now perhaps the truth will emerge. My prayers are continuing that the one man in custody is not going to be just a scapegoat for those who did the crime, that the other man is extradited and made to stand trial and that ALL involved are held accountable for the crimes they have committed. Let Anna Mae speak at last and let her continue her journey in peace.


Hello I am a Yakama Indian. I believe that Anna should be still remembered and honored for what she believed in. And justice should be served. If it were a (not to be racial) white woman this happened to, oh the FBI would already have the murder solved and someone would be in prison. But since the world is what it is,nothing has been done.Not sure if this is the right place to state my opinion.But I am all for the sisters involved with their rights....Thank You....

Kathy Wakil:

Yea, the trial has begun ! And yes, you can print my e-mail. I am soooo happy to have found this site! A sister e-mailed it to me. A few words to Anna Mae's family --- Keep in mind that WOMEN ARE GREAT PRAYER WARRIORS !!! Your mother's death will be accounted for this time around

Darlene Rose Okemaysim :

Tanisi, I have received an email from Splitting the Sky (Dacajewaya) about the case. Your research on this material gives more insight rather than what has been told. I am an nehiyaw here in Saskatchewan, I have 4 children, 3 sons and a daughter. The risk us women take in the name of Justice is not only important it is a responsibility to ourselves as women (iskwew). Great work.

Joanne :

I've just read through your website having found it through the BBC website. I wish I could say more than I can, which is that my heart is with Annie Mae's daughters, family and friends. I am so sorry that justice in America has not recognised the truth, and I hope that one day the reality of what has happened to an honest and noble woman be discovered, and the perpetrators are punished. Please include me on your mailing lists, I would like to be kept informed on the developments of this tragic occurance. My heart and light are with you all.

Ginny R Norris:

I was so moved by the content of your website. I remember driving with my children through Albuquerque in November of 1999, when Russell Means came on the radio as part of the press conference from Denver to announce that members of AIM had killed Anna Mae. I had to pull my car over on the side of the road and cry. I look at my two children in the back-seat and thought about her girls. We women rarely find justice in the "system".

But I think that by remembering her and speaking her name we bring her justice everyday. Good luck in your efforts to bring these men to justice and thank you for saying that women are not an expendable resource in the revolution.

John Dacajeweiah/Splitting the Sky Hill:

Dear Friends, I am a long time native activist and want you to know that I hope to see the killers of Anna Mae Aquash Pictou brought into the light for all to see. As a member of the Mohawk Nation and a genuine man I completely admonish violence against women and children and consider Anna Maes death as the ruthless act a cowards.

I will hold any further comments until later but just want you all to know that I stand in solidarity with your efforts. In the struggle.

Christine Farrell, Scotland , U.K. :

Please accept this in support of finding justice for Anna Mae and for all women all over this earth -and there are many - who have suffered a similar fate. If I can do any small thing to help, please let me know.

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