Bellecourt Digs Himself Even Deeper

IWJ note: We first learned of the Bellecourt/spade scenario during the trial. With this email from Willis Kills the spade comes out into the open. No changes have been made to the Kills mail.

From: Willis Kills
Subject: Vernon Bellecourt
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 22:32:22 -0700 (PDT)

My Relatives:
this graphic was found at
Vernon Bellecourt

I have known this information for months as I seen it with my own eyes and it has been on my mind since that time. Now I'm thinking I must share it with the people so the people will know and can think on it.

I was at Arlo Looking Clouds trial. I was at that federal court building there in Rapid City that first morning. It was then that I seen Vernon Bellecourt going into the FBI building across the street. This was that first morning pretty early. I went over there like I was going to that little post office in same building and I seen Bellecourt go up to the feds in the elevator.

Bellecourt had some kind of package. I went back over to the court building and waited to see how long he would be gone in there. Bellecourt come out a little while later. Not too long but long enough. I asked one of my relatives who was hanging with Vernon Bellecourt what the hell Bellecourt was doing going over to the FBIs when Arlos trial was just getting going and my relative said that Bellecourt was scared! He says Bellecourt was making out that he had got threats and someone sent him a spade so he went running to tell the FBIs and it was a spade in the package! Who the hell would believe that bullshit I says to my relative.

I got uneasy about it. I seen Bellecourt go over there to the FBIs and it seems not right to me and so I share this thinking this:

  • 1. If its true that Bellecourt was scared coz he got sent a spade it tells us all that he is just a chickenshit double-face! Here is this big man who tells our people never to talk to the FBIs, don't do nothing with the FBIs, and what does he do? First sign of trouble and he goes running to the FBIs.
  • 2. If this bullshit spade story is just a cover then it says that Russ and them guys had it right on and that Vernon Bellecourt is a FBI agent all these years. What the hell was he doing going in there to meet with the FBIs at a time like that? Then you see Arlo on that video say the reason John Boy shot Anna Mae was Bellecourt - if we want to know why it happened to ask Bellecourt. I seen that video and I want to know why the feds havent pulled Bellecourt in for this murder. I wonder. Could be that he was taking the FBIs another message that first morning of Arlo's trial and not a spade.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

Willis Kills.

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