Regarding David Seals'
"Anna Mae Aquash Offense Committee"

Denise Maloney Pictou
April 19, 2004

As Anna Mae's eldest daughter, I wish to make it clear that no member of our family has any involvement with David Seals' "Anna Mae Aquash Offense Committee." We do not support him in any way and we consider it, and his alleged "Arlo Looking Cloud Interview," to be the latest in a series of sick stunts dreamed up by this individual and those associated with him.

We are disgusted that our mother's name and tragedy continues to be exploited in this way, and in the name of decency we ask this individual and others so inclined to cease and desist. As Anna Mae's next of kin, we hereby inform Seals and those responsible for this, that they do not have permission to use our mother's name.

I do not believe that if, in fact, Seals did interview Arlo Looking Cloud, that Looking Cloud provided the answers Seals has attributed to him, and this concocted garbage goes beyond bad taste. His characterization of the phone conversation my sister and I had with Arlo is a lie. The other people he has lied about, from Abe Alonzo through to John Trudell, must decide for themselves if they wish to correct Seals translation of Looking Cloud's alleged comments.

Douglas Durham's obituary was published in March; Durham was in the final stages of terminal cancer in the days following Looking Cloud's trial - in other words, Durham was near death, or dead, at the time Seals speculates that he tried to force Looking Cloud to sign affidavits. I can categorically state that this, along with the claim that prosecutors presented Looking Cloud with affidavits to sign against other suspects, is also completely false.

I continue to be disgusted by Seals and others like him whose morbid fascination with my mother's murder debases all that she lived and died for, and attempts to reduce her suffering, and ours, to the level of a sick hobby or Internet spectator sport.

We will not dignify this latest abuse with any further comment and have passed this matter on to our legal council.

In the spirit of Anna Mae Pictou, Marley Shebala (Navajo/Zuni) — Spokeswoman-Indigenous Women for Justice —

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