Dino Butler Speaks Regarding John Graham

"I didn't really know him (John Boy) until after I got out of jail and I went up to Canada with John (Trudell), and something happened there at the border and we ended-up applying for political asylum up there.

And so we stayed up there for a couple of months in Vancouver and John Boy was there with his woman, and I guess they had a little girl, and that's when I really started to get to know him.

I didn't know that he did that to Annie Mae at that time. I remember when I went to jail up there in Canada; I got arrested up there after that shoot-out and everything, and John Boy was there in Vancouver.

Kelly (White) said that she went to talk to John Boy to ask him if he would do some speaking engagements to help our defense committee, and Kelly told me that he just really started cussing, and putting down prayers and pipe ceremonies and stuff like that, and that he said, 'What do you want to do all that shit for? That shit never works no more.'

That really surprised me because up to that point, as far as I knew, John Boy was always willing to go to ceremony or help out, and then all of a sudden he was just really putting it down and cussing it out and everything. It didn't make no sense to me until years later I found out that he was the one that pulled the trigger on Annie Mae, and then it made sense to me.

When he was put in that position where he had to do that, then he just went all against the ceremonies and didn't believe in it no more." ...Dino Butler

But what is denied actually does exist and
eventually comes to the surface, just as any truth will
eventually surface despite acts to hide it.
Joy Harjo

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